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No Matter How you feeling, A Dog gonna love you all the time. So that’s why we have the best insurance plan for your dog.

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When it comes to dog, it requires a lot of care. As they are the part of family, picking up the food, special medical care at vet. It doesn’t matter what you have as a pet, it’s dog or a cat. It’s very much important to take care of them. There will be so much medical costs such as regular checkup, wellness, immunization, neutering and some time emergency care. 

But if you are looking for a ways to save money and get the best possible care for your dog ( pet ), then a pet insurance or dog insurance is the best for you.

Dog Pet insurance policies can help you save money from preventive care & routine checkup at vet. Dog Pet insurance policies offers different coverages Like common illnesses, accidental injury, immunization wellness plans, veterinarian plans, emergencies to help ease financial burden, surgical discounts and some others policies if your dog harm another person. Dog insurance policies can bring the peace in your mind because you know anything occurs to your pet will be covered. Below we are sharing our best dog insurance plans from which you can pick for your dog.

Best Pet Dog Insurance Plans

Top Insurance BrandsOur Editor Picks
Nation WideOur Top Pick For An Overall Rating
Healthy PawsOur Top Pick For An Overall Value
ASPCAOur Top Pick For Multiple Pets
Embrace Pet InsuranceOur Top Pick For Emergencies
PetsBestOur Top Pick For Older Dogs
PetFirst Pet InsuranceOur Top Pick For Routine Care
TrupanionOur Top Pick For Hereditary Conditions
PetsBestOur Top Pick For Exotic Animals

Nation Wide

NationWide insurance

Our Top Pick For Emergencies

Average Customers Rating

 60 Day1 YearLifetime

Nationwide is the largest pet insurer company in United States. More than 7,00,000 dog cases are insured by Nation Wide for medical treatment like injuries, accident, illness and wellness care. They are providing the best coverage for the best value. 

Accident & Injuries

Common Illnesses

Serious Illnesses

Chronic Illnesses

Hereditary conditions

Testing & diagnostics


Holistic & alternative


Healthy Paws

Healthy Paws Logo

Our Top Pick For Overall Values

Average Customers Rating

 60 Day1 YearLifetime

When it comes to overall pet insurance pickup, we recommend Healthy Paws Pet Insurance. They cover all accidents, illness which includes unlimited annual and lifetime payouts.

Important Features Of Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

  • Can choose your deductible and coverage
  • Covers all pets from 8 weeks to 14 years old
  • Annual deductible plans
  • Quick claims processing
  • No annual maximum

For more details, read our Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Review.

Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance

Our Top Pick For Emergencies

Average Customers Rating

60 Day Lifetime Lifetime
Rating 9.6 9.5 9.3
Count 88 510 9880
Monthly Premium As low as $10 for cats and $16 for dogs
Deductible $200, $300, $500, $750, or $1,000
Benefits Limits 70%, 80% or 90% of annual costs
Age Restrictions As young as 6 weeks and as old as 14 years

Check the Official Embrace Pet Insurance website or quick get a quote for pet insurance

Embrace Pet insurance is our top pick when it comes to pet insurance. It’s plans start from the 16$ a month for the dog. Which makes it the best value insurance plan on the market. It’s coverage includes genetic, breed specific and cancer treatment, congenital conditions, exam fees, rehabilitation, therapies, ER and specialist care, hospitalization and surgery, prosthetic limbs, dental illness, mobility aids, drugs coverage for take home prescriptions which can cost up=to $1,000 per year.

Yes, there are some exclusion also in coverage, which includes routine veterinary care, breeding, pregnancy, cosmetic, DNA testing and few others. There are some optional plans which covers things like annual or routine vaccinations of pet, heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis), and gland expression, hip dyplasia exams and burial. You can use these annual benefit they way you want.

The first pet insurance company which introduced the “diminishing deductible”. Diminishing Deductible means if you don’t use or reimburse any accidental or injury case in last year, you have to pay 50$ less next year.

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