Updated 26-02-2023

10 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

Indeed a dog is an obedient and sweet animal and often people carry dogs plus take them as a family member. Dogs are full of loyalty and love though. By comparing with other pets, a dog is such a protective animal that gives you great company.

Despite frank behavior, there are hundreds of dog bite cases have been reported every year throughout the world. In which dog shows their aggression; the majority of dog attacks can be fatal.

According to research, particular breeds are more violent and they lead to a lot of sufferers than others. Hey wait! Don’t judge anyone without knowing the certain reason behind their aggression.

What Is Dog Aggression?

Specific rude behavior of dogs is known as dog aggression. This type of behavior can be a long or short time and sometimes it stops at a firm point dependent on how it is going to be treated. According to the professionals we have different types of behaviors in which dogs show their aggression such as;

  • Roaring
  • Showing teeth
  • Cracking
  • Biting
  • Scowling
  • Accusing forward at a person
  • “Muzzle punch”
  • Any other unusual behavior of a dog

Causes Of Dog Aggression

This is the most interesting section of the content where you know some of the basic reasons behind dog aggression.


Indeed health is not only wealth but happiness. Dogs are having protective behavior so, in any type of sickness, they can attack back at anyone if they feel their selves insecure. Sudden aggression may indicate that the dog is not feeling well. Sometimes sickness directly affects the dog brain so next time consults a vet if you see any sudden behavioral change in your dog.


Dogs in fear try to always drop out of the circle (fear). When they feel any confusion or realize that they are unable to achieve their safeness they start showing their aggression. It is all called a defense mechanism by the breeders. People that punish their dogs are actually courage their aggressive behavior. The majority of dog bites cases reported against those dog breeds that have punished all the time. After all, stalking is full of dread which may lead to dog aggression.


As per some owners, frustration is also a strong reason behind dog aggression. If you are a dog owner then hope you have already noticed this thing; that when you prevent your furry friend from doing something he/she loves then they become aggressive. This type of dog aggression is quite similar to the kid’s behavior. For instance, he/she has been prohibited from getting chocolate when they see chocolate shop nearby them then how they actually behave.


Dogs naturally have a protective temperament. Some dogs are extremely protective of their owners and become aggressive when they see anything unusual beside. Mother dogs may show aggression to anyone who tries to approach her puppies. As per on some breeders puppies are pretty calm as compare to an adult dog.

Please note:

A dog always warns before it bites so, next time try to understand how your dog warns you?

Ten Most Wanted Dog Aggressive Breeds

Smelly, furry, shedding, stubborn, or aggressive whatever! A dog is always priceless and important to his master. After doing a lot of research and personal observation below we have briefed some of the most notable dog breeds that can be aggressive.

1. Pitbull

Pitbull aggressive dog breed - Advisor Dog

I don’t know you are going to believe it or not but pitbull is an aggressive dog breed. In starting these dogs were bred to catch other animals and grasp them down till their owner arrived. Three years is a prominent age of Pitbulls when they start becoming aggressive. Indeed this dog breed is fine in fighting, chasing, and in self-defense so, next time never ever flaunts a pitbull without any reason.

2. American Staffordshire Terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier aggressive - Advisor Dog

The American Staffordshire Terrier is also called Amstaff which is included in the most strong and muscular dog breeds. This is a sharp and active dog that needs physical exercises in order to maintain his muscle tone. It is why the breeders always suggest keeping this dog breed only to those masters who are already physically fit and do exercise. People who have large living areas and massive homes can simply carry this dog otherwise congested area may enhance their aggression. This dog breed has a high level of loyalty that will never bear any other pet beside them and they become aggressive. Next time if you have Amstaff don’t even think to carry any other pet.

3. Rottweiler

Rottweiler aggressive - Advisor Dog

Similar to the Amstaff the Rottweiler is also a muscular dog that requires wide space to live. In America, Rottweilers are nominated for many fatalities every year, but despite their aggression, you cannot ignore the way they behave usually. This is one of the most intelligent dog breeds that can simply adjust to any kind of environment without responding to you more.

4. American Bulldog

American Bulldog aggressive - Advisor Dog

Here we have another strong and muscled dog breed that loves to make friends whether would always protect its masters. It has fighting origins, so their attacks can be fatal and this is why the majority of people scare them. Indeed American bulldog has something threatening like carriage and violent bark that often scares people and makes them think that I am strong and aggressive.

5. German Shepherd

German Shepherd aggressive - Advisor Dog

If you are looking for a guard then a German shepherd is the right choice for you. They have protective and aggressive behaviors naturally. Also, their tendencies are notable. This dog breed is fully possessive, sharp, and has great strength. Their loyalty level is unbeatable that you can never know without keeping a German shepherd as your pet. The majority of German shepherd attacks are dangerous that makes strangers seriously injured even, so, next time try not to escape from a place where a German shepherd is a guard.

6. Mastiff Or Bullmastiff

Mastiff or Bullmastiff - Advisor Dog

Mastiff or Bullmastiff are two different names of one dog breed. This is such a type of giant dog breed that comes from England. These dogs are normally gentle and calm but their aggression is not ignorable though. There can be different reasons behind their aggression including hunger, fear, and self-defense. As per professionals, the behavior of Mastiff is gentle but they are quite aggressive too. The behavior of this breed toward other animals all depends on how they are being treated. Unfortunately, an adult Mastiff will never accept another pet but puppies will, so it will be good for you to introduce another dog/cat to a Mastiff puppy, not an adult.

7. Husky

Husky Aggressive dog - Advisor Dog

This is one of my favorite dog breeds due to their loving and funny temperament. Their vocal level is always up because they are not very secretive but always want to express their feelings. Indeed huskies are not very aggressive but it is really not meant that they will not attack you. This breed is also known as sleds puller and people bred them for pulling sleds on the snow. Just because of their energy level they can cover a lot of distance even in rough areas, but they can be quite aggressive if you’ll start degrading them.

8. Alaskan Malamute

Often people get confused between Siberian husky and Alaskan Malamute. Certainly, Alaskan Malamutes are a bit larger than huskies. Usually, they look treacherous due to their giant size and robust expressions. Similar to some other dog breeds Alaskan Malamute is not to be tended to leave alone but love to have a human partner always. They have gentle roots but they are selfish also. People can simply keep them as a pet for their kids and personal use but keep in mind that you should value them.

9. Wolf-Dog Hybrid

This is not a natural dog breed but a crossbreed by humans. When domestic dogs and wolves meet, then wolf-dogs are being developed. In the past, many debates have been taken whether this dog breed should be produced or not. Some say that it is illegal and some really like to have this man-made breed. Before keeping a Wolf-dog Hybrid make sure your home should be kids-free because they may irritate this dog and the conclusion can be very serious.

10. Doberman Pinscher

Here we have our last aggressive dog breed having a high level of integrity and intelligence. As compared to all other dog breeds Doberman Pinscher is quite calm but sometimes it can be aggressive. This is going to be a giant and impressive dog breed full of robust stance. This is also a made breed that was bred for personal security. They are not familiar with strangers and their attack can be fatal so, often countries have their Doberman Pinscher security guards in some official areas.

Final Thoughts

Indeed dogs are frank and the most common pet that you may carry with your kids. Despite their obedience and energy level, a dog can be thousands of $$ expensive, but everyone has different temperaments and in different situations and dogs have also. The aggression of some dogs can be hazardous so before keeping a new dog breed you should focus on their aggressive temperament. In order to guide you here, we have conducted some of the most aggressive dog breeds globally.