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Black Mouth Cur Characteristics, Facts & Traits

The Black Mouth Cur, an all-around working dog developed to assist farmers and hunters in the harsh terrain of the southern United States, is known for its high energy and fearlessness. Despite the breed's ability to herd animals, keep a household safe, and track game, it also has a sensitive side that isn't fond of harsh punishment.

With children, the Black Mouth Cur is an excellent companion. Inexperienced owners or those who aren't able to keep up with a high energy level should avoid getting this breed because of their high exercise requirements. They may not be the greatest choice for small children because of their predisposition to play rough.

The majority of Black Mouth Curse infestations are found in the United States, with a few isolated cases occurring elsewhere. If you're looking for a dog that's both strong and sensitive, energetic and family-friendly, this is the one for you. There are many Black Mouth Cur characteristics and facts listed below.


  • This is a working dog that is equally at home hunting with you, herding animals, or guarding your house.
  • There are few grooming requirements for Black Mouth Curs, and they shed minimally. Brushing your teeth once a week should suffice.
  • They are extremely devoted to their human families, especially to children, but their predisposition to roughhouse may exclude them from being a good choice for very young ones.
  • Size, coat, and personality qualities might vary among Black Mouth Curs from various breeders.
  • Black Mouth Curs demand a trainer with a hard hand, but these canines are extremely sensitive and will not respond to harsh rebukes. The length of a training session should be just long enough to get the dog's attention, but not so long that he loses interest. Inexperienced pet owners should steer clear of this breed.
  • Because of its high activity level, the Black Mouth Cur needs a yard to run in and at least one daily long walk to help burn it off. Boredom and delinquency can ensue if you don't have a lot of fun. The Black Mouth Curs are not suited to living in a flat.
  • When it comes to purebred dogs, Black Mouth Curs have a reputation for being generally healthy, though they do have some genetic predispositions that owners should keep an eye on.
  • Old Yeller in the story is a Black Mouth Cur, but in the 1957 film adaptation, Spike, a Labrador Retriever and Mastiff cross, was the dog that performed the role.


Social Appearance 


It's a common misconception that a little dog is better suited to living in a limited space. Many tiny dogs have too much energy and are too yappy to live in an apartment building. An apartment dog's best attributes include being quiet, low energy, somewhat peaceful indoors, and respectful to the other inhabitants. Your dog's personal space in your apartment can be improved by purchasing one of these fantastic dog cages.

Sensitivity Level

Depending on the dog, a strong rebuke can be taken in stride by some, while others regard even the tiniest hint of disapproval as a personal attack. If you have a loud or pushy owner, a chaotic home, or a routine that is unpredictable or variable, your low-sensitivity dog, often known as "easy-going," "tolerant," "resilient," or even "thick-skinned," will be able to handle it better. Do you have young children, host a lot of parties, or have a hectic lifestyle? Choose a dog that isn't overly sensitive.


You can't tell from looking at them whether or not they're hyperactive, but when they do anything, they do it vigorously. They tug at their leashes (unless you teach them not to), they push their way through barriers, and they down their meals in huge, gobbling gulps. A home with young children or an elderly or feeble person may not be the best place for these dynamos to learn proper etiquette. On the other side, a dog with poor vitality adopts a more reserved demeanor.

Potential for Playfulness

The playful nature of certain dogs never fades away, and they're always ready for a game, whereas the reserved and serious tendencies of other dogs develop through time. Think about how many times a day you want to play fetch or tag with your dog, and whether or not you have children or other dogs who can act as substitutes.

Personality Appearance


In the same way as working dogs, such as those that herd sheep, are bred for intelligence and decision-making, working dogs like those who run all day need to exercise their bodies. The two most common activities that a bored pet engages in are digging and chewing, both of which require mental stimulation. There are several ways to keep a dog's brain active, including obedience training, interactive dog toys like tug of war, and dog sports like agility and search and rescue.

Energy Level

Energy-draining dogs are always on the lookout for a new activity. There are several jobs that require a lot of stamina from dogs, such as herding livestock or recovering prey for hunters. Children are more likely to engage in activities such as jumping, playing and exploring new sights and smells as a result of this change in their environment

A low-energy dog is more like a couch potato than a dog that needs a lot of exercise. Think about your level of physical activity and whether or not you find a hyperactive dog irritating before making your final choice.

Easy To Train

Easy to train dogs can more easily form associations between a cue (like "sit"), an action (like sitting), and a reward than dogs that are more difficult to train. Dogs that require more time, patience, and repetition are more difficult to train.

Getting your dog interested in training will require incentives and games because many breeds are intelligent but have a "What's in it for me?" mentality when it comes to learning new things.

Family Affection Level

Affectionate With Family

Since puppyhood, some breeds remain aloof and independent; others form deep bonds with one individual but are uninterested in the rest of the family; still other types shower their entire family with affection. Canines raised in homes with people tend to be more open to human interaction and develop stronger ties, regardless of their breed or upbringing.


Kids-friendly dogs are calm, strong enough to bear the hefty hugs and pets kids can dish out, and have an unfazed attitude about rushing, scream-inducing children. There are several names you may not expect to see on the list: Fierce-looking Both Boxers and American Staffordshire Terriers are regarded as family dogs (which are considered Pit Bulls). Chihuahuas, which are small, sensitive, and potentially sharp, are not always family-friendly.

Dog Friendly

Dog friendship and human friendship are two entirely different things. The fact that a dog is friendly with humans doesn't mean it's immune to aggression or aggression from other dogs; some canines choose to play rather than fight; others will just run away. The type of animal isn't the only consideration. Dogs who have spent a lot of time playing with their littermates and their mother at the age of six to eight weeks are more likely to be socially competent.

Physical Appearance

Amount of Shedding

Having a dog in the house means that you'll have to deal with some level of dog hair on your clothing and in the home. It's worth noting, however, that shedding varies widely among breeds. Some dogs shed all year long, while others ``blow" just during specific times of the year, and still others don't shed at all. If you're a stickler for cleanliness, you'll need to choose a breed that sheds less or lower your expectations. You can use a deshedding tool to keep your house a little cleaner.

Drooling Potential

While greeting you, some dogs may cover their arms with ropes of drool and create large, wet patches on your clothing. If you don't mind a little drool, go for it; but if you're a stickler for cleanliness, you may want to look for a dog with a low drool rating.

Easy To Groom

Some breeds of dogs can simply be brushed and left alone, while others require frequent washing, trimming, and other grooming in order to maintain their health and appearance. If you don't have the time or money to take care of a dog that requires a lot of grooming, you may want to look into hiring a professional.

Exercise Needs

Evening walks around the neighbourhood are perfectly acceptable for some breeds. Others, particularly those trained for physically demanding vocations like herding or hunting, require regular, rigorous exercise.

They can gain weight and release their pent-up energy in ways you don't like, including barking, chewing, and digging, if not given enough exercise. Those looking to train their dog for an energetic canine activity, such as agility, should consider getting a dog that needs a lot of exercise.

Average sizes and life expectancy of the breed


40 to 95 pounds


12 to 18 years


16 to 25 inches


The black mouth cur dog's past is a bit cloudy. This species, which has thrived in the south-eastern United States for almost a century and a half, is still a mystery. There is a strong consensus among black mouth cur supporters that it originated in the southern states of Tennessee or Mississippi, although no one knows for sure.

As a farm dog, they are expected to do a wide range of chores, and this breed excels at most of them. Black mouth cur dogs can herd livestock, track and hunt well, and protect their family and home from perceived threats with courage and competence. They are all of these things.

Pioneers who moved west to settle new regions were joined by the black mouth cur, which spread widely across the country. According to legend, Old Yeller was in fact a black mouth cur (although the author never explicitly states such, and the dog who played Old Yeller in the movie was a retriever mix).

There has been a lot of interest in Black Mouth Curs in the United States, but they haven't been as popular outside of the United States. Ironically, the American Kennel Club does not accept these all-American canines (AKC).

To a large extent, this is due to genetic diversity within the back mouth cur breed, which is itself a product of selective breeding by individual breeders. As an example, black mouth cur dogs that are bred as pets or for protection are typically larger than those that are intended to hunt raccoons and other wildlife.

The Black Mouth Cur is a recognised breed by the United Kennel Club, which classifies it as a scenthound.

Personality and Temperament

Because the Black Mouth Cur is so energetic, it should come as no surprise. These pups have a history of herding and hunting, so they need a lot of exercise and stimulation. These dogs might become frustrated and bored, which can lead to destructive behaviour if they don't get enough exercise. Even if provided with adequate entertainment, they've escaped before.

When left alone for an extended amount of time, the Black Mouth Cur has been known to escape. As a protective dog, this one wants to stay close to you all the time since they realise it is their obligation to do so. Leave them alone for too long and they may begin to show signs of separation anxiety, which can lead to even more undesirable actions on your part.

The Black Mouth Cur is an outgoing dog who enjoys meeting new people, including family members and complete strangers. Because they are so intelligent, they are also a joy to train because they can learn new skills and play exciting games with you. Additionally, they don't tend to bark, which can be a plus.


In general, Black Mouth Curs are a low-maintenance breed with reasonable activity, grooming, and training requirements. Before bringing a dog into your household, you should do your homework to ensure that you can meet the dog's needs and provide them with a decent existence.


Black Mouth Curs have an excellent health record for a working dog. The majority of their ailments are similar to those of other canines of the same weight. Maintaining your dog's health is mostly a matter of focusing on adequate nutrition, exercise, and grooming.

Joint dysplasia

It is unknown if Black Mouth Curs suffer from serious health issues, although their large size and high activity levels make it possible that they develop joint dysplasia. Supplementing your dog's diet with a variety of nutrients and vitamins can assist to prevent the onset of more serious problems as the dog ages.


As a result, these dogs are more likely to become obese than other dogs. Monitor the amount of food you give your Black Mouth Cur in order to keep the dog's weight in check.

Ear infection

Ear infections are the most common problem that Black Mouth Curs suffer from. In addition to their ears drooping, the breed enjoys swimming. Their ears are a breeding habitat for bacteria because of these two causes. Cleaning the dog's ears every week or so will assist prevent the spread of bacteria.

Recommended Health Test

  1. Eye Examinations
  2. X-rays or other radiographic imaging


If your Black Mouth Cur has a job, you'll need to feed them a high-performance working dog food. Your dog will be content if he or she is fed a meal strong in protein. Overweight Black Mouth Curs are more likely to develop other health problems because of their unbalanced diet and lack of physical activity.


Mystic Black Mouth Cur's short, thick hair is single-coated, making it easier to keep clean and regulate odours with semi-regular brushing and bathing. Gingivitis, dental disease, and poor breath can all be avoided by brushing your teeth regularly.


Without a job, the Black Mouth Cur needs at least an hour of daily exercise to maintain its high energy level. The Black Mouth Cur is the ideal partner if you're seeking for a long-lasting companion. Black Mouth Curs aren't couch potatoes, so if you can't get them out and about, they're going to get into trouble. Keep this in mind. On a rainy day, use puzzles and skills like nose work to keep the Black Mouth Cur entertained.


Black Mouth Curs are ideal family pets because of their outgoing personalities and willingness to please. Even though they're courageous on the job, they don't respond well to their owner's negative reinforcement. Raising your voice in front of this dog can only lead to mistrust and a weakening of your relationship. If you keep things light and breezy, training your Black Mouth Cur will be a cinch. As long as they have something to do, they'll cheerfully put in the effort required.

Children and Other Pets

If socialisation training is implemented early on, this breed has the potential to be a good buddy to other canines. The reason for this is that Black Mouth Curs can be territorial and respond aggressively to strangers or other dogs when they feel threatened.

Their powerful prey drive makes them unsuitable for homes with smaller pets like cats, rabbits, hamsters, and the like, but they are usually acceptable with another resident dog.

Black Mouth Curs crave human company and are excellent with children and their families. If children are playing with Black Mouth Curs, they should be supervised because they are known for their roughhousing and may not realise that they need to be gentler with young children. In order to keep dogs safe from harm, children should be shown proper ways to play with them.


There are cheaper Black Mouth Cur puppies available, but they are still rather pricey. Puppies can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,500, but the exact price can vary according to the breeder, demand, and region.

Only the puppy is included in this pricing. It does not include the costs of obtaining a puppy's registration, vaccinations, food, or any other necessities. You should expect to pay between $800 and $2,000 for a fresh Black Mouth Cur puppy after taking all of these expenses into account.

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