Updated 08-08-2023

Boglen Terrier Characteristics, Facts & Traits

As a result of the cross between the Beagle and Boston terrier breeds, the Boglen Terrier is a hybrid dog. Known for their energetic, spunky, loyal, and obstinate natures are these dogs. Popularity for this affectionate and cheerful mix has spread to owners from a variety of different origins. A Boston Beagle Terrier or Boggle is another name for a Boglen Terrier. Boggle, on the other hand, is another moniker for a Boxer/Beagle hybrid, which often leads to misunderstandings.

There are more people to interact with in large families, hence these cute dogs prefer large families over smaller ones. Because of their high level of energy, these dogs are best suited to households with plenty of humans to play with.

A backyard is ideal, but an apartment is fine as long as the dog gets frequent walks and visits to the dog park to burn off some of its excess energy. Make sure you have a safe area for them to run around in, as they are prone to straying.

All of the Boglen Terrier's traits and features as a mixed breed may be found in the information provided below.


  • Mixed-breed dogs, the Boglen Terrier is an example. Like their Boston Terrier and Beagle parents, they are not purebreds.
  • Brindle, black and white, brown and white and infrequently tri-coloured are some of the other hues that Boglen Terriers can come in.
  • Boglen Terriers are known for their short hair and are not recommended for anyone with allergies, despite the fact that their hair is relatively easy to maintain.
  • Boglen Terriers are social creatures who don't do well alone, owing to their ancestry as pack dogs. They may benefit from the company of another dog or even a cat.
  • Boglen Terriers are known for their boundless enthusiasm. Don't forget to include a few energetic play sessions and brief walks in your dog's daily routine.
  • In contrast to their Beagle father, they are more likely to bark when they hear a doorbell or see anything outside than wail.


Social Appearance 


It's a common misconception that a little dog is better suited to living in a limited space. Many tiny dogs have too much energy and are too yappy to live in an apartment building. An apartment dog's best attributes include being quiet, low energy, somewhat peaceful indoors, and respectful to the other inhabitants. Your dog's personal space in your apartment can be improved by purchasing one of these fantastic dog cages.

Sensitivity Level

Depending on the dog, a strong rebuke can be taken in stride by some, while others regard even the tiniest hint of disapproval as a personal attack. If you have a loud or pushy owner, a chaotic home, or a routine that is unpredictable or variable, your low-sensitivity dog, often known as "easy-going," "tolerant," "resilient," or even "thick-skinned," will be able to handle it better. Do you have young children, host a lot of parties, or have a hectic lifestyle? Choose a dog that isn't overly sensitive.


You can't tell from looking at them whether or not they're hyperactive, but when they do anything, they do it vigorously. They tug at their leashes (unless you teach them not to), they push their way through barriers, and they down their meals in huge, gobbling gulps. A home with young children or an elderly or feeble person may not be the best place for these dynamos to learn proper etiquette. On the other side, a dog with poor vitality adopts a more reserved demeanor.

Potential for Playfulness

The playful nature of certain dogs never fades away, and they're always ready for a game, whereas the reserved and serious tendencies of other dogs develop through time. Think about how many times a day you want to play fetch or tag with your dog, and whether or not you have children or other dogs who can act as substitutes.

Personality Appearance


In the same way as working dogs, such as those that herd sheep, are bred for intelligence and decision-making, working dogs like those who run all day need to exercise their bodies. The two most common activities that a bored pet engages in are digging and chewing, both of which require mental stimulation. There are several ways to keep a dog's brain active, including obedience training, interactive dog toys like tug of war, and dog sports like agility and search and rescue.

Energy Level

Energy-draining dogs are always on the lookout for a new activity. There are several jobs that require a lot of stamina from dogs, such as herding livestock or recovering prey for hunters. Children are more likely to engage in activities such as jumping, playing and exploring new sights and smells as a result of this change in their environment

A low-energy dog is more like a couch potato than a dog that needs a lot of exercise. Think about your level of physical activity and whether or not you find a hyperactive dog irritating before making your final choice.

Easy To Train

Easy to train dogs can more easily form associations between a cue (like "sit"), an action (like sitting), and a reward than dogs that are more difficult to train. Dogs that require more time, patience, and repetition are more difficult to train.

Getting your dog interested in training will require incentives and games because many breeds are intelligent but have a "What's in it for me?" mentality when it comes to learning new things.

Family Affection Level

Affectionate With Family

Since puppyhood, some breeds remain aloof and independent; others form deep bonds with one individual but are uninterested in the rest of the family; still other types shower their entire family with affection. Canines raised in homes with people tend to be more open to human interaction and develop stronger ties, regardless of their breed or upbringing.


Kids-friendly dogs are calm, strong enough to bear the hefty hugs and pets kids can dish out, and have an unfazed attitude about rushing, scream-inducing children. There are several names you may not expect to see on the list: Fierce-looking Both Boxers and American Staffordshire Terriers are regarded as family dogs (which are considered Pit Bulls). Chihuahuas, which are small, sensitive, and potentially sharp, are not always family-friendly.

Dog Friendly

Dog friendship and human friendship are two entirely different things. The fact that a dog is friendly with humans doesn't mean it's immune to aggression or aggression from other dogs; some canines choose to play rather than fight; others will just run away. The type of animal isn't the only consideration. Dogs who have spent a lot of time playing with their littermates and their mother at the age of six to eight weeks are more likely to be socially competent.

Physical Appearance

Amount of Shedding

Having a dog in the house means that you'll have to deal with some level of dog hair on your clothing and in the home. It's worth noting, however, that shedding varies widely among breeds. Some dogs shed all year long, while others ``blow" just during specific times of the year, and still others don't shed at all. If you're a stickler for cleanliness, you'll need to choose a breed that sheds less or lower your expectations. You can use a deshedding tool to keep your house a little cleaner.

Drooling Potential

While greeting you, some dogs may cover their arms with ropes of drool and create large, wet patches on your clothing. If you don't mind a little drool, go for it; but if you're a stickler for cleanliness, you may want to look for a dog with a low drool rating.

Easy To Groom

Some breeds of dogs can simply be brushed and left alone, while others require frequent washing, trimming, and other grooming in order to maintain their health and appearance. If you don't have the time or money to take care of a dog that requires a lot of grooming, you may want to look into hiring a professional.

Exercise Needs

Evening walks around the neighbourhood are perfectly acceptable for some breeds. Others, particularly those trained for physically demanding vocations like herding or hunting, require regular, rigorous exercise.

They can gain weight and release their pent-up energy in ways you don't like, including barking, chewing, and digging, if not given enough exercise. Those looking to train their dog for an energetic canine activity, such as agility, should consider getting a dog that needs a lot of exercise.

Average sizes and life expectancy of the breed


10 to 40 pounds


10 to 15 years


12 to 17 inches


Because the Boglen Terrier is descended from the Beagle and Boston Terrier, its history may be traced back to these two dogs. The Beagle is assumed to have been founded in 1475, but the history of the ship is rife with conjecture because of the poor documentation. This breed is said to have derived from a mix of English Hounds and Harriers that were utilised in England prior to the Roman era. Some believe that the name Beagle is derived from the fact that the Beagle bays with its mouth wide open. Beagles were once referred to as "pocket-sized dogs" because of their diminutive names in Celtic and Old English.

There were different-sized Beagles back then, in the nineteenth century, and some of them were just about nine inches tall. A hunter's dog was carried in his or her pants pocket. In 1642, they arrived in the United States, and in 1885, the American Kennel Club (AKC) recognised them as a breed. 5th most common dog breed in the United States currently. The Boston Terrier's earliest known progenitor was brought to the city in 1870 by a Bostonian named Judge.

According to another legend, the Boston Terrier was created in 1865 when coachmen bred their dogs with the dogs of their affluent employers. The Boston Terrier's ancestors are believed to have been a cross between the Bulldog and the English White Terrier. Boston Terriers were first recognised by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1893 and are currently ranked 21st among all breeds of dogs in the United States.

Personality and Temperament

While some Boston Terriers are boisterous, outgoing, and full of life, others are more subdued. All Boston terriers, however, are affectionate and intelligent. The Boston terrier is a gentleman's dog who is always polite to newcomers, even when he isn't feeling social.

This dog gets along nicely with other animals and children of all ages, regardless of their age or maturity. In the Boston terrier's case, it's the sole member of his human family who can count on him. He's also kind and understanding, and it's thought that this dog can adapt his behaviour to match the mood of his favourite human.

Because of his little stature, the Boston terrier has an incredible amount of spirit. In addition to protecting his human family, he's also rather courageous when it comes to protecting his belongings.


Love and attention are critical to the well-being of a Boglen terrier. Boglen terriers are known for their love of following their masters around and exploring the world around them.


The Boglen Terrier has an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years. Because of this, the Boglen Terrier is likely to inherit the same set of health difficulties as any of its parent dogs. Among them are:

Ear infections

Because of their proneness to ear infections due to their long, floppy ears, it is critical that you clean them on a regular basis.


These dogs are prone to obesity because of their tendency to overeat and the rapid weight gain that occurs when they are not given the proper amount of exercise.

Skin allergies

Because of their short hair and dry skin, they are prone to skin allergies.

Intervertebral disk disease

A herniated disc in the dog's spine, which can lead to irreversible injury and paralysis, is prevalent in Beagles suffering from intervertebral disc disease.

Hip and elbow dysplasia

When a dog's hip and elbow joints become inflamed, it can cause lameness and may necessitate surgery.

Eye conditions

Cataracts and glaucoma are two prevalent eye disorders in both breeds.

Patellar luxation

An issue that occurs when the dog's kneecap slides out of place is known as patellar luxation. The only way to repair it in certain circumstances is through surgery.

Dental disease

Many small-breed dogs are susceptible to dental disease. To prevent tartar buildup on your Boglen Terrier's teeth, regular brushing and plenty of chew toys are a must.

Recommended Health Test

  1. X-Rays
  2. Skin Evaluation
  3. Dental and Oral Examinations
  4. Eye and Ear Examination


Boglen Terriers have a reputation for being food-obsessed and will quickly overeat if not provided with a balanced diet. Ask your vet for the suggested feeding amounts for each stage of your dog's life cycle and look for a dry dog food developed for tiny or energetic breeds.

Keep treats to a minimum (ideally only as a reward for training) and stick to a regular feeding schedule because they are at danger of obesity.


Boglen Terriers are quite easy to care for because of their short coats and low shedding habits. Once a week is generally enough to keep their coats in good condition.

However, keep in mind that this breed is susceptible to both dry skin and trouble coping with the cold. Keeping them indoors during times of extreme weather, such as midday in the summer or late at night in the winter, is the best option.


Boglen Terriers, who have the high levels of energy of both parent breeds, require regular, strenuous activity. Boglen Terrier owners commonly exercise their dogs for two or more hours a day, although it is recommended that they walk or play with their dogs for at least an hour each day.

Always use a leash or keep a tight check on your Boglen Terrier when giving it its daily exercise. Whenever you're not watching, they tend to wander off and get themselves into trouble.


The Boglen Terrier's stubborn temperament will begin to assert itself more completely as it ages, thus early training is critical to its future development. Consider enrolling this breed in obedience training as soon as it is old enough to attend.

It's easy to teach new tricks and commands to a Boglen Terrier because of the breed's inherent intelligence.

Children and Other Pets

Boglen Terriers form strong bonds with their owners and their youngsters in particular. Although they are playful, they must be properly socialised and monitored around youngsters under the age of two.

It's also possible for Boglens to be "mouthy," grabbing things, like a child's hand, with their mouths while they're trying to have fun. They do this as a form of entertainment and can be taught to stop. When puppies are teething, it's important for parents to explain to their children that a puppy's nibbles aren't meant to hurt them. These canines are great with children and will rapidly form a close bond.

Teaching youngsters how to approach and touch dogs, as with any other animal, is always a good idea. Your youngster should be taught never to approach a dog while it is eating or sleeping, or to try to steal the dog's food. Regardless of how nice a dog is, it should never be left alone with a child without supervision.

Boglen Terriers are social creatures who don't do well alone, owing to their ancestry as pack dogs. They may benefit from the company of another dog or even a cat. As long as they are socialised early, Boglens can get along with other dogs and cats.

Many Boglen owners remark that their dogs get along well with any breed, regardless of its size or temperament. According to one owner DogTime spoke with, her Boglen regularly faces off against larger breeds. It's safe to assume that a Boglen will get along quite fine with other pets and children in the house.

Because each dog is an individual, early training and socialisation are essential to a dog's development. Take the time to introduce your dog to different animals and people while they are still young so that they can adjust to any situation.


It's common knowledge that Boglen Terrier puppies are energetic, fun-loving, and playful. They're also a lot of fun to be around, and they're a terrific source of companionship. Bogle-Boston Terrier mixes are known as Boglen Terriers, and their weight ranges from 15 to 25 pounds. Puppies born with short, sleek coats of any hue or combination of colours are known as Boglen Terriers.

Boglen Terrier "facial furnishings" long tufts of hair on the eyebrows and cheeks will begin to appear as the dogs get older. Puppies of the Boglen Terrier breed are bright and trainable, but they require a lot of physical activity to remain healthy and happy. A Boglen Terrier Puppy may be the ideal choice for you if you're seeking for a playful and affectionate dog.

The pricing of Boglen Terrier puppies can be difficult to find, as this is a rare designer dog breed that is not commonly known. If you're lucky enough to find one for adoption, the entire cost of bringing them home may be as little as $300. Boglen Terrier Puppies can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,500 from a breeder, depending on the quality of the parents.

Dog breeds Similar to Boglen Terriers

Despite their diminutive size, Boglen terriers have big personalities. To get a dog like this, check into adopting one of the parent breeds or another beagle mix.

Boston terrier

The Boston terrier is a classic dog that makes an excellent family pet. It is energetic and loving.


Inquisitive and sociable, Beagles make excellent pets for people who lead active lifestyles.


The Poogle is a cross between a beagle and a small poodle with the hypoallergenic coat.