Updated 01-03-2023

Benadryl For Dogs

Benadryl and dogs are familiar with each other but why this human drug to a dog?

Benadryl is famous for its active formula diphenhydramine; which ultimately works as an antihistamine for both dogs and humans with allergy symptoms. For dogs, there are many uses of Benadryl and undoubtedly all are working.

Benadryl has a significant feature that makes this drug a veterinary medicine. If your beloved pet is suffering from allergic issues then no need to go to the vet but just to open your drawer or buy it from a nearby drugstore.

Rather than this, not all human drugs are allowed to be used on your canine friend but only Benadryl is safe if you use it with the right dosage.

Benadryl And Its Treatment for Dogs

In spite of being a human drug, vets still recommend Benadryl for those dogs that are having mild or significant allergies. No problem whether these allergies are seasonal, environmental, insect bites, or from food Benadryl will work effectively.

Alike Claritin, Benadryl is also suitable and recommended for dogs who are severely surviving from skin allergies and itchiness. Moreover, there can be some other reasons that might make you think to start this medicine for a dog let’s see some common symptoms;

  • Red skin with itchiness
  • Inflamed and burning skin
  • Swelling and inflammation
  • Barking cough
  • Hives
  • Red ears and itchiness
  • Runny nose with red eyes
  • Eye boogers
  • Continues sneezing

Please note; if your pet is having an extra symptom with any of these then it will be good to concern a vet in spite of starting Benadryl.

How Long Does Benadryl Take To Start To Relieve A Dog?

Diphenhydramine formulated drug Benadryl is typically supposed to be fast working for dogs. Minimally it will show significant results within 1 to 2 hours which is not a long time to wait but surely your dog will have enough smoothens.

You cannot ignore the dog type, age, health, and severance of allergy so that will decide to work instantly or take some hours for maximum efficiency. Similar to human beings, Benadryl dosage is specific for dog age and types so, before giving it please look at the dosage chart first.

After that, the time also matters for relief – if you’re thinking of giving Benadryl to your dog before playing outside then make sure you’re doing wrong. It may cause drowsiness in dogs so, prior before bedtime, see the magic.

When To Avoid Benadryl?

Good question actually!

Some medicines can interact negatively with others and Benadryl is also one of them. Please avoid giving Benadryl if your dog is already having any CNS central nervous system depressants or a dog with high blood pressure, lung disease, glaucoma, bladder issues, or seizures should not take Benadryl as well.

Moreover, a dog with wheezing or face swelling should also consult a vet first before having Benadryl.

Notify your dog’s reaction against supplements/medicine to assure whether the formula is suiting or not. This way the dog remains safe even if you’re trying to give Benadryl for the very first time. Dogs with bad health histories should also avoid Benadryl without a vet’s prescription.

Dosage Of Benadryl

Not only Benadryl but all types of medicines are safe under a certain dosage – the amount will be directly impacted based on a dog’s weight, age, health condition, and genetic issues. The majority of vets recommend giving 1ml of Benadryl per pound of dog weight.

This is a rough idea of dosage; for further confirmation, you may ask a vet before giving Benadryl or any other medicine to a pet. As vets understand a pet’s condition so they can conceptualize the accurate dosage of Diphenhydramine which can work effectively for allergic dogs.

Further, the Merck veterinarian (an expert) advises dog owners to give Benadryl 2-4 ml per kg body weight twice or thrice a day. Indirectly it will equal the same dosage we mentioned above.

Make sure the right dosage of any medicine will work perfectly without harming your friend’s health.

Is Benadryl good for Dogs to keep them calm?

The majority of dog lovers use Benadryl to keep their dogs calm in certain situations because this drug can make them slightly drowsy and tired and obviously this is not what Benadryl is made for.

Within Benadryl, many other antihistamine medications are helpful to ease allergic symptoms and calm down dogs. This unusual calming situation can be known as a side effect of this drug in medical terms; because dogs are extremely active so giving Benadryl to keep their energy low is obviously not safe.

If your dog is highly anxious (due to stress) which is irritating you then have a table talk with your family vet. I hope he/she will suggest something reliable for dogs with stress and anxiety.

Overdose Of Benadryl For Dogs

Overdose of Benadryl may lead to some critical conditions in dogs so, give the right dose always – these symptoms can be depending on the dog’s weight relatively. Some severe signs of overdose can include tremors, decreased appetite, weakness, vomiting, increased heart rates, low or high blood pressure, seizures, lethargy or agitation, trouble walking, diarrhea, coma, and even death.

If someone suspects a dog receiving an overdose of Benadryl or you see any of these symptoms then please call immediately a vet or a nearer pet emergency clinic.

The treatment will again depend on the symptom’s severity and it may contain induction of vomit, intravenous fluids, gastric lavage, muscle relaxants, and administration of activated charcoal in some way.

Pro Tips to Follow Before Giving Benadryl to a Dog

Given tips are emphasized by experts and could be helpful for all dog owners – have a slight look at and know something essential before giving Benadryl.

  1. As Benadryl is available in different forms like capsules, tablets, and liquid, it is all up to you how to give it to your dog but for small dogs try to prefer liquid form.
  2. Capsules and tablets are easy to have for giant or bigger dogs, but if you have an extra sharp dog then give tablets secretly in the meal because they can spit it out.
  3. While motion and weakness the medicine dose should not be over so keep an appropriate timing gap.
  4. There’re many formulas that come in Benadryl. Please check the label first and see whether it contains diphenhydramine as the main ingredient or not.

When To Call A Vet?

In severity instead of getting depressed, calling a vet is always a good option to choose. Please monitor the overall condition first – if you see that the situation is out of control then call a vet ASAP.

Keep in mind that not only overdoses but often Benadryl reactions can keep a dog down. If a dog is experiencing the anaphylactic shock of allergies or any rare condition from Benadryl then consulting with the vet is the only option to go with. 

  1. Experiencing seizures
  2. Vomiting
  3. Experiencing diarrhea
  4. Swelling
  5. Struggling to breathe

These are some serious signs of allergies that need immediate treatment – moreover, if your canine friend has been bitten by a snake or rare insect then clinical care is a must to ensure everything is fine and not poisoned. 

Does Benadryl Make Dogs Sleepy?

Yes, Benadryl consists of formulas that give drowsiness, it helps the dogs to relax a little bit and drowsiness can calm anxious dogs as well. Merck Veterinary states that diphenhydramine helps to reduce symptoms of mid-anxiety in pets depended to the ruthlessness further, motion sickness can also be cured by Benadryl.

Can I Give My Dog Benadryl Every Day?

Many dogs have seasonal allergy issues, So many doctors may suggest Benadryl on a daily basis. However, some pet owners give their dogs Benadryl as a long-term solution to seasoning allergies.

Final Verdict

Giving Benadryl to the dog for allergies, sickness, and motion is a useful remedy but the dosage should be appropriate and based on the dog’s weight, health, age, etc. You may have Benadryl on your shelf or over the counter but it is always good to ask a vet before giving any medicine to a dog.

Surely a vet will understand the symptom’s severity and give the right medication for the happening issue. On this page, we’ve concluded Benadryl and its direct familiarity with dogs that might help dog owners.