Updated 28-04-2023

Wolf Dog Names

Looking for a suitable name for your wolf or wolf Dog? We have a list of Wolf names that can suit the fierce, beautiful, power of wolves. Wolf looks like dogs and makes you stand tall while doing a sidewalk in the street. So why not give a brave name to your Wolf Dog?

These wolf names are perfect for your dog that resembles a wolf like an Alaskan Malamute, Eskimo, Husky, German Shepherd, or Inuit.

You can choose your wild dog's name from the list even if it’s male or female because we have separate names also for male wolf dogs and female wolf dogs.

Pet Wolves and Wolf Dogs Name

We have some names which are extracted from different languages which meanings are “wolf” and others has the same nature and themes

  • Accalia – She-wolf (Latin)
  • Adalwolf – Noble wolf (German)
  • Adalwolfa / Adolpha – Noble she-wolf (German)
  • Adolfo – Noble wolf (Latin)
  • Adolph / Adoff – Noble wolf (German)
  • Amaruq – Grey wolf (Inuit)
  • Amoux – Eagle wolf (French)
  • Arnou – Eagle wolf (French)
  • Bardawulf – Ax wolf (English)
  • Beowulf – Intelligent wolf (English)
  • Boris – Wolf, short (Russian)
  • Channing – Young wolf (Irish)
  • Channon – Young wolf (English)
  • Conan – Hound, wolf (Irish)
  • Connery – Wolf farmer (Celtic)
  • Connor – Wolf lover (Irish)
  • Eyolf – Lucky wolf (Norwegian)
  • Gonzalo – Wolf (Spanish)
  • Gorg – Wolf (Iranian)
  • Gunnolf – Fighting wolf (Norwegian)
  • Lelou / Leloo – Wolf (Chinook)
  • Lobo – Wolf (Spanish/Portuguese)
  • Lowell – Wolf cub / little wolf (Old French)
  • Lupo – Wolf (Italian)
  • Lupus – Wolf (Latin)
  • Nashoba – Wolf (Choctaw)
  • Odolf – Prosperous wolf (German)
  • Onai – Wolf (Tamil)
  • Ookami – Wolf (Japanese)
  • Rafe – Council of the wolf (German)
  • Raff – Red wolf (English)
  • Ralph – Wolf counsel, fearless advisor (English)
  • Rand / Randall – Shield wolf (Anglo-Saxon)
  • Randolph – House wolf, protector (English)
  • Raoul – Wolf council; red wolf (English)
  • Rodolfo – Famous wolf (Spanish)
  • Rolf – Red wolf (Teutonic)
  • Rolo – Famous wolf (Teutonic)
  • Rudolph – Famous wolf (Old German)
  • Skoll – Wolf that chased the sun (Norse)
  • Tamaska – Mighty wolf (Native American)
  • Ulmer – Fame of the wolf (English)
  • Ulfred – Wolf of peace (Old English)
  • Ulmer – Fame of the wolf (Norse)
  • Ulrich – Female wolf (English)
  • Vilkas – Wolf (Lithuanian)
  • Volk – Wolf (Slovenian)
  • Warg – Grey wolf, evil wolf (Norse)
  • Wilk – Wolf (Polish)
  • Wolfgang – Son of the wolf (German)
  • Wolfram – Wolf raven (Teutonic)
  • Wolfrik – Wolf ruler (German)
  • Woolsey – Victorious wolf (English)
  • Wulfgar – Wolf-like spear (English)

There are some other:

  • Achak: it means spirit in the Native American language.
  • Kiowa: Is a Native American tribe
  • Lobo: Wolf in Spanish
  • Luna: In Latin, it means moon. As wolves howl after looking at the moon
  • Mishka: “Mishka the Talking Husky” Famous meme or teddy bear in Russian
  • Okwaho: Wolf in Iroquois word
  • Okami: Wolf in Japanese
  • Taima: “Thunder”
  • Two Socks or Four Socks: “Dances With Wolves”
  • Tutanka: It means big beast in Native American Lakota
  • Waya: it means “wolf” in Native American Cherokee language

Male Wolf Names

We choose the male wolf names because they sound powerful or describe a wolf’s coloring. Checkout these name for your beautiful male wolf dog.

Alaska Lance
Alpha Largo
Amigo Leo
Apollo Lobo
Aragorn Loki
Asher Lucky
Aztec Montana
Blizzard Odin
Blue Peter
Canyon Remus
Cayden Rocky
Cobalt Romulus
Czar Rune
Dakota Sabre
Dixon Scar
Echo Scout
Eskimo Sebastian
Fang Shadow
Finn Silver
Flint Smoke
Frost Spartan
Gandalf Spirit
Goliath Stalker
Gunner Swift
Gray Thor
Hawk Timber
Holo Titan
Howl Torak
Hunter Totem
Kai Tundra
Kiba Twilight
King Vlad
Klondike Winter
Knight Xerxes

Female Wolf Dog Names

We choose the male wolf names because of power, beauty and connection to nature. Checkout these name for your beautiful female wolf dog.

Alpine Montana
Anubis Moon
Arcadia Night
Artemis Nikita
Ash Pepper
Aspen Queen
Athena Rae
Aurora Rain
Blizzard Raksha
Blue Raven
Cami Rogue
Cinder Saga
Dakota Sage
Dawn Sibi
Destiny Sierra
Eskimo Silver
Fang Skoll
Frost Smoke
Gray Snow
Ice Spirit
Ivory Star
Juneau Storm
Kali Sumeria
Kiba Swift
Kitsune Tempest
Koda Topaz
Luna Tundra
Lupa Twilight
Maia Una
Meiko Winter
Midnight Yuki
Misty Zelda

Famous Wolf Names

We have some famous wolves from literature, movies, comics, and video games. Do you think we miss any important ones? Let us know in the comments.

  • Akela – The Jungle Book
  • Aleu – Balto
  • Arcanine – Pokemon
  • Balto – Balto
  • Embry – Twilight
  • Ghost – Game of Thrones
  • Gmork – The Neverending Story
  • Greyback – Harry Potter
  • Greycub – The Cry of the Wolf
  • Grey Wind – Game of Thrones
  • Hollis – True Blood
  • Jenna – Balto
  • Kodi – Balto
  • Kodlak – Skyrim
  • Lady – Game of Thrones
  • Lobo – The Legend of Lobo
  • Lupin – Harry Potter
  • Maugrim – Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe
  • Moro – Princess Mononoke
  • Nighteyes – The Farseer Trilogy
  • Nymeria – Game of Thrones
  • Quigly – Wolf who plays Ghost in Game of Thrones
  • Raksha – The Jungle Book
  • Ralph Wolf – Loony Tunes
  • Rama – The Jungle Book
  • Riff Raff – Underdog
  • Rockruff – Pokemon
  • Ryder – True Blood
  • Scar Snout – The Rugrats Movie
  • Shaggydog – Game of Thrones
  • Sirius – Harry Potter
  • Skjor – Skyrim
  • Summer – Game of Thrones
  • Torvar – Skyrim
  • Two Socks – Dances with Wolves
  • Walter – Animaniacs
  • White Fang – Whitefang (book/movie)
  • Wilford Wolf – Animaniacs
  • Wolf O’Donnell – Star Fox

Werewolf Names

We have some werewolf names from movies, comics, and series. You can take it as a bonus.

  • Aardwolf – Night Thrasher vol 2 (Marvel Comics)
  • Captain – Hellsing vol 3 (Dark Horse Comics)
  • David Kessler – An American Werewolf in London
  • Delphine Angua von Uberwald – Discworld by Terry Pratchett
  • Draugluin – From J.R.R. Tolkien’s Legendarium, sire of all werewolves of Beleriand, owned by Sauron
  • Evo – Gen 13 (DC Comics)
  • Fenrir Greyback – Harry Potter, werewolf involved with the Death Eaters
  • Jack Russell – Marvel Spotlight #2 (Marvel Comics)
  • Jeremy Danvers – Bitten by Kelley Armstrong
  • Lucian Greymark – From The Mortal Instruments
  • Michael Corvin – Underworld
  • Oz – Daniel “Oz” Osbourne, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Remus Lupin – Harry Potter, bitten by Fenrir Greyback
  • Ruby – Once Upon a Time (TV Show)

Funny Wolf Dog Names

For some funny cuz wolf dogs, we have some funny names.

Beowulf Ninja
Bones Peter
Dire Porkchop
Diva Ruff
Chewie Sheba
Fluffy Shewolf
Frosty Snoop
Fuzzy Steppenwolf
Grey Tim / Timber
Harry Tinkerbell
Honeybear Tiny
Howl / Howler Virginia
Lil Red Wolfman Jack
Moon Wolverine

You must have some ideas for your wolf dogs, if you think we miss any or you have any in your mind. Please contribute with us at the comment section. And let us know which name you picked for your big beast wolf dog.

Nature-Themed Wolf Names



Acorn Oak Aqua Lily
Blue Pine Aspen Maple
Cliff Reed Autumn Moon
Cosmos River Bay Pumpkin
Everest Rocky Cedar Sage
Fox Shadow Daisy Shore
Kale Summit Fennel Snowy
Leaf Thunder Fern Star
Lightning Woods Iris Storm
Newt Wilder Juniper Summer

Wolfy Mythological Dog Names



Achilles K'awiil Aglaia Hera
Adonis Magni Bellona Luna
Aella Pele Camilla Nyx
Conall Perun Chanda Pax
Hero Poseidon Cupid Selene
Heracles Thor Kipaka Urania
Juno Zeus Enyo Vayu

Wolfy Alpha Dog Names




Alpha Mowgli Akela Nikita
Blizzard Sabre Aki Raksha
Boss Scar Maka Rogue
Boxer Stealth Meeka Una
Devil Zylo Motaki Zuni