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It does not matter whether they have four legs, or they have two legs every furry family member deserves the quality of health care and necessary services. Therefore Nationwide is here for your service. Nationwide pet health insurance plans bring you the ultimate freedom to use any of the vets anytime, anywhere whether they are emergency providers or specialists of their work you can have their services for your pet.

NationWide Pet Insurance Review
NationWide Pet Insurance Review

Nationwide is here to provide insurances for your dog and cat that will last for a very long time. You do not have to worry that your dog and cat might be dropped from any kind of service or plan just because of the age of your loved one or number of the claims made. Not just dogs and cats Nationwide also cover beautiful flying birds and many other exotic pets. Not just that if you are a current member of the Nationwide you can save straight 5-6% on pet health insurance policies.

Nationwide’s veterinary pet insurance for your dogs is the nation’s very oldest, largest, and number one veterinarian-recommended pet health insurance provider! It contains all the comprehensive plans that are solely designed to protect your financial losses when the unexpected and undesirable occurs, Nationwide provides you affordable coverage that will allow you to focus on providing optimal healthcare for your pet rather than worrying about the cost of treatment of your dog.


Nationwide insurance for your dog offers you your dog health insurance plans for issues like illness, all kinds of injuries, and your dog wellness care, and furthermore any kind of new chronic and any new recurring conditions will be covered with no additional costs at all.

Nationwide dog insurance covers more than anything you will find anywhere else for your beloved dogs. Having experience of more than four decades of protecting dogs we have all the knowledge necessary for helping you and your dog.

Just for your information, we will now provide you the details of the plans that we will cover.

1. Accidents & injuries

in the Accidents and injuries category, our plan will be covering accidents like poisonings sprains and ACL ruptures.

2. Chronic illnesses

in the Chronic illness category, our plan will be covering all kinds of Allergies, Arthritis, and Skin conditions.

3. Procedures

in the Procedures category, our plan will be covering all kinds of procedures like Surgeries, Endoscopies, and chemotherapy.

4. Common illnesses

in the Common illness’s category, our plan will be covering all kind of illnesses that are common in the pets like Ear infections, Vomiting, and Diarrhea 

5. Hereditary conditions

in the Hereditary condition’s category, our plan will be covering all kinds of hereditary conditions that can occur like HIP dysplasia, Eye disorders, and Blood disorders.

6. Holistic & alternative

in the Holistic and alternative category, our plan will be covering Acupuncture, Chiropractic, and Laser Therapy.

7. Serious illnesses

in the Serious illness category, our plan will be covering Illnesses like Cancer, Heart diseases, and Diabetes.

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