Updated 03-06-2023

Indoor Dog Potty for Havanese (Everything you need to know)

When it comes to our beloved Havanese pets, providing them with a comfortable and convenient place to relieve themselves is essential. While outdoor potty breaks are important, there are situations where an indoor dog potty can be a valuable addition to your Havanese's routine. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using an indoor dog potty for Havanese, factors to consider when choosing one, training tips, and maintenance guidelines.

Understanding the Havanese breed

Before delving into the topic of indoor dog potties, it's crucial to understand the Havanese breed. Havanese dogs are known for their small size, affectionate nature, and intelligence. They are often kept as indoor pets, making it necessary to provide them with suitable alternatives for potty breaks when going outside is not an option.

The need for an indoor dog potty

While Havanese dogs are adaptable and can be trained to go outside, there are situations where having an indoor dog potty becomes necessary. Inclement weather, health issues, or living in apartments without immediate outdoor access are some examples. An indoor dog potty can offer a convenient solution for both you and your Havanese.

Benefits of using an indoor dog potty for Havanese

  1. Convenience: An indoor dog potty allows your Havanese to relieve themselves conveniently without the need for immediate outdoor access.
  2. Weather-resistant: Harsh weather conditions can make it challenging to take your Havanese outside. With an indoor dog potty, you can maintain a consistent routine regardless of the weather.
  3. Health considerations: Some Havanese dogs may have health issues that limit their outdoor mobility. An indoor dog potty provides them with a comfortable and accessible option.
  4. Training aid: Indoor dog potties can be a helpful tool during the potty training process, especially for Havanese puppies who are still learning.

Factors to consider when choosing an indoor dog potty

When selecting an indoor dog potty for your Havanese, several factors should be taken into account:

  1. Size: Ensure that the indoor dog potty is suitable for the size of your Havanese and allows them enough space to comfortably use it.
  2. Material: Consider the material of the dog potty, as it should be durable, easy to clean, and resistant to odors.
  3. Drainage system: Look for an indoor dog potty with an efficient drainage system to prevent mess and odor buildup.
  4. Portability: If you plan to move the indoor dog potty around, consider its portability and whether it can be easily transported.
  5. Design: Opt for a design that complements your home décor and blends well with your living space.

Types of indoor dog potties available

There are several types of indoor dog potties available on the market:

  1. Artificial grass potties: These dog potties mimic the feel of real grass and are easy to clean. They are a popular choice for Havanese owners.
  2. Pee pads: Pee pads are absorbent pads that can be placed on the floor for your Havanese to use. They are convenient and easy to dispose of, but may not provide the same natural feel as grass.
  3. Indoor litter boxes: Some Havanese owners opt for indoor litter boxes, similar to those used by cats. These boxes contain a litter material that absorbs urine and controls odors.
  4. Doggy toilets: Doggy toilets are specially designed potties that resemble miniature toilets. They often have a drainage system and can be connected to a sewer or a container for easy disposal.

How to train your Havanese to use an indoor dog potty

Training your Havanese to use an indoor dog potty requires patience and consistency. Here are some tips to help you with the training process:

  1. Choose the right location: Select a quiet and easily accessible spot in your home for the indoor dog potty. Introduce your Havanese to the potty and allow them to explore it.
  2. Use positive reinforcement: Whenever your Havanese uses the indoor dog potty correctly, praise and reward them with treats or verbal praise. Positive reinforcement will help reinforce the desired behavior.
  3. Establish a routine: Create a consistent potty schedule for your Havanese, taking them to the indoor dog potty at regular intervals, especially after meals or naps.
  4. Encourage scent association: Place a small amount of your Havanese's urine or feces on the indoor dog potty to help them associate the scent with the appropriate place to eliminate.
  5. Clean accidents properly: In case of accidents outside the designated area, clean the mess thoroughly using pet-friendly cleaners to remove any lingering odors.

Maintenance and cleaning tips for indoor dog potties

To keep your indoor dog potty clean and odor-free, follow these maintenance tips:

  1. Regular cleaning: Clean the potty daily, removing any waste and rinsing it with water. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning specific types of indoor dog potties.
  2. Disinfection: Periodically disinfect the indoor dog potty to eliminate bacteria and odors. Use pet-safe disinfectants and thoroughly rinse afterwards.
  3. Odor control: Use odor-neutralizing products designed for indoor dog potties to keep your home smelling fresh. Avoid using strong-scented products that may deter your Havanese from using the potty.
  4. Replace materials when necessary: If you're using artificial grass or litter, replace them when they become worn out or soiled beyond cleaning.


Providing your Havanese with an indoor dog potty can offer convenience, comfort, and practicality in various situations. By understanding the benefits, considering the factors when choosing one, and following proper training and maintenance guidelines, you can create a suitable indoor potty solution for your Havanese. Remember, consistency and positive reinforcement are key to successful training.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I use a regular litter box for my Havanese?

A: Yes, you can use a litter box specifically designed for dogs or adapt a cat litter box to suit your Havanese's needs.

Q: How long does it take to train a Havanese to use an indoor dog potty?

A: The training duration can vary depending on your Havanese's age, previous training experience, and consistency in training. It may take a few weeks to several months to establish a routine.